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CPA Chiptuning



  • Modern Processors

    Our PowerBoxes contain fast and high quality processors which can operate in the nanosecond range. This high speed advantage highlights our product as a technological leader!

  • Power Adjustable

    Your PowerBox will be delivered with engine-specified software. The customized software is set with the default setting, which you can adjust easily according to your wishes and requirements as needed at any time.

  • Fuel Saving

    Reduce your fuel consumption by up to 1 litre, making your motoring experience more environmentally friendly. Performance and environmental  impact are no longer in conflict!

  • Our Plug Connection

    We added a plug-in connection on the PowerBox so that all records can be transferred safely and quickly!

  • Aluminium Housing

    Our housing units are made of aluminum with special plastic seals and our automotive plug is water resistant. The density (water and dirt) classification is IP 67 which corresponds to a comparatively high standard.

  • Remote Control

    Our top model features an easy to handle remote control. This means the PowerBox can be easily switched between “TUNE” and “ECO” from the inside of the vehicle.

  • Updatable

    All it takes is a simple vehicle switch, so if you purchase a new car, we can reprogram your PowerBox in nearly all cases. This update service is much cheaper than buying a new PowerBox.

  • Quality Control

    Every single PowerBox runs through a triple quality control which is then supplemented with a further function control. We can therefore achieve a high quality with minimal tolerances.

  • Up to 31% More Power!

    We achieve a power increase of up to 31% in many vehicles. Search for your vehicle in “Chiptuning” and find out the exact power increase for your vehicle.

  • Easy to Install

    A matching cable harness and plug is already included at each delivery. You simply need to insert the PowerBox, fix and off you go!